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MOB Wheels has established the highest customer satisfaction levels in the custom wheel industry. In order to maintain these levels, the warranties on chrome plated wheels must be understood by the end user. MOB Wheels must advise all of our dealers to explain the proper care and maintenance of chrome wheels to the end user. All wheels are covered by MOB Wheels warranties and guidelines. For specific warranty information, please call your MOB Wheels sales representative and they will provide this information to you.

We have put together the following information in order to help with all chrome plated warranty issues:

Proper care and maintenance

  • All chrome plated wheels should be cleaned with mild soap and water frequently. Wheels must be cool before anything is put on the wheel.
  • When possible, chrome plated wheels should not be used in areas where salt and chemicals are used in winter weather.  
  • If chrome wheels are driven in the winter months they should be cleaned every week.  
  • Chrome sealant is highly recommended for use on chrome wheels that are driven in winter.
  • Chrome pitting is not covered by any wheel manufacturer. Chrome pitting is not the same as chrome separation.
  • Most manufacturers’ warranties only cover the face of the wheel, and not pitting or peeling on the backside of the wheel. Proper attention should be paid to the backside of chrome plated wheels when washing.
If proper maintenance procedures are not followed, chrome wheels are susceptible to pitting.

Below are images of wheels that are pitting due to neglect. These are not a warranty issue.

Chrome_Pitting_1 Chrome_Pitting_2
Pitting from backside of wheel.

Salt and chemicals causing corrosion caused pitting of chrome finish.

Proper cleaning of backside of wheel.

Chrome_Pitting_3 Chrome_Pitting_4
Pitting due to neglect.

Salt and chemicals were not cleaned off of wheel in a timely fashion.

Proper care and cleaning of wheel.

Pitting due to harsh chemicals.

Brake fluid or other harsh chemicals caused pitting of chrome finish.

Proper care and cleaning of wheel.

Below are images of wheels that have chrome separation or what is referred to as “peeling”. If wheels are in this condition, and are within the timeframe established by MOB Wheels, then they are a warranty issue.

Chrome seperation, “chrome peeling”.
This is a warrantable condition as long as it is reported within the time established by the MOB Wheels warranty.

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